James Firebrace: Awards, Writing and Speaking

These include:

Yemen LNG Environment and Social Impact Assessment, analysis of impacts and detailing of actions being taken, co-editor and contributor; published on YLNG website, 2006

Decommissioning of Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities, a comparative assessment of different scenarios, with Paul Ekins and Robin Vanner; published Policy Studies Institute, 2005

Keynote address to the Management Consultants Association, UK Annual Conference on Business and Sustainability, 2002

Best Practice Business Tools, covering assessing the sustainability of change, performance assessment on sustainable development challenges, business case for community investment, pubic perceptions of risk and predicting public responses to business actions; for Gemini Consulting, 1998

Losing the Picture, the Future for Television's Coverage of Global Issues, editor and contributor, prefaced by David Bellamy; published by Third World and Environment Broadcasting Project, 1990

Le Monde, C'est l'Affair de Tout le Monde / The World is Everyone's Concern, chapters on international development priorities for the nineties; published in French and English by Internationales Arbeites-Hilfswerk, Bonn 1988

Safe Passage Initiative for Food Aid in the Horn of Africa, media publicity and speaking engagements in support of the International Committee of Elder Statesmen Initiative, 1985

UNA Peace Prize for writing on origins of famine in Horn of Africa, covering the economic, political and social causes as well as drought, 1984

Never Kneel Down, on drought, development and conflict in the Horn of Africa; published Spokesman, reprinted by Red Sea Press, New Jersey, and translated into a number of other languages, 1984