Major Clients (JFA and earlier) include:

Private Sector

BP, London, Grangemouth, Aberdeen - oil and gas, chemicals, fuel retail, renewables
BG - oil and gas exploration and production, community relations
Chevron, California, London - energy
Eurotunnel Paris and London - transport
Enterprise Oil, UK, US, Norway, Italy - oil and gas
Haka Inc, Finland, Hungary, Czech Republic - hotels and eco-design
Ramboll, UK, Libya - engineering and masterplanning
Roche International - pharmaceuticals
Shell International - offshore oil, refining
Tesco - retail and finance
Total, Paris - oil and gas, LNG
Virgin Rail - travel and transport
Yemen LNG - LNG plant / pipeline construction and operation

Public Sector and Sectoral Associations

Department of Trade and Industry, UK - carbon capture and storage, oil and gas impacts
European Commission, Brussels, Cambodia - microfinance
Libyan Government - planning, integrated development, low carbon solutions
Mauritanian Government - agriculture, livelihoods
National Air Traffic Service - air travel and transport
Oil and Gas UK, formerly UKOOA – sectoral business association
PILOT – joint government - industry strategic initiative
UNDP Yemen – coastal development and protected areas
UNICEF Middle East – maternal and child health
Yemen Government - planning, trade, general investment authority, environmental protection