James Firebrace: Earlier Career

Before setting up JFA Consulting in 1998, James worked as a management consultant for Gemini Consulting, where he led joint client-consultant teams implementing major corporate change programmes in sectors ranging from retail to transport, construction, and pharmaceuticals.

Following a year as Sloan Fellow and an MSc from the London Business School in 1990, James was appointed Director General of Consumers International, the global partnership of private consumer bodies and government agencies. Here he led a period of steady growth and operational expansion, developing new operations in strategic locations and building reputation to gain a seat at the table of key international policy bodies.

In 1988 James founded and ran the Third World and Environment Broadcasting Trust (3WEB), which successfully influenced legislation by making the case, based on quality research, for significant reforms to the factual programming commitment within the UK 1990 broadcasting legislation.

During the mid 1980s, he set up and ran Interagency Consortia, building political and media support and developing an extensive organisational partnership of governmental donors and international non-profits. This group became one of the main providers of both development and emergency assistance to famine and refugee areas in the Horn of Africa. This followed work as Project Coordinator for Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East for War on Want, and as Regional Coordinator for International Cooperation for Development (ICD) based in Yemen while initiating a new programme in Somalia then confronting a major influx of refugees.