Key Services include:

Design and strategic planning of integrated social, environmental and economic programmes

These will include a number of elements such as zoning and protected reserves, coastal management, sustainable livelihoods, sustainable fishing, biodiversity conservation, cultural heritage surveys, indigenisation of jobs and micro-finance. They will also involve organisational design issues including defining the relationship with regulatory authorities and building on the input of local communities
Examples of integrated programme design projects

Corporate social responsibility strategy development

Key elements of these projects include how best to address risks and opportunities to reputation and the licence to operate, social and environmental assessments, economic modelling, biodiversity appraisals, ecological modelling, and community consultation
Examples of CSR strategy development projects

Consultation and building understanding with local communities and national / international stakeholders

This can be organised through informal discussions or through the design and facilitation of formal events. There is often an important role for communication via the local media
Examples of consultation projects

Design and implementation of compensation measures, legacy programmes and strategic interventions

These are likely to involve ensuring regulatory compliance with the local and national authorities, and considerable discussion with stakeholders often over an extended time-frame as the situation evolves and relationships build
Examples of compensation and legacy projects